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Doll 's House La Boutique des Anges by Brigitte de Cuyper

hand made

Come and explore the doll's house world " La Boutique des Anges"

The small houses are made by Brigitte de Cuyper in our workshop in Montmartre. La Boutique des Anges realised scale 1/12e

These small "doll's houses", which reproduce precisely the shop in Montmartre and all the angels around

Each "doll's house" is unique, with a special particularity such as : Wedding, Christmas, Birth...

You can switch on the lamps of the house and admire the mini "putti" in all sizes, shapes, colors and fabrication.

Let's visit some of them, miniatures made by Brigitte de Cuyper

1. The Puttis' world
The Puttis' world 1 The Puttis' world 2 The Puttis' world 3 The Puttis' world 4
The Puttis' world 5 The Puttis' world 6 The Puttis' world 7

2. The world of Serafina
The world of Serafina 1 The world of Serafina 2 The world of Serafina 3 The world of Serafina 4
The world of Serafina 5 The world of Serafina 6 The world of Serafina 7

3. The cherubs' kingdom
The cherubs' kingdom 1 The cherubs' kingdom 2 The cherubs' kingdom 3 The cherubs' kingdom 4
Salon des cherubins 5

4. The Art collection
The Art collection 1 The Art collection 2 The Art collection 3 The Art collection 4
Collections de Tableaux 5 Collections de Tableaux 6

5. So many angel's fans
So many angel's fans 1 So many angel's fans 2 So many angel's fans 3 So many angel's fans 4

6. How to build a doll's house
Preparation 1 Preparation 2 Preparation 3 Preparation 4
How to build a doll's house 5 How to build a doll's house 6 How to build a doll's house 7 How to build a doll's house 8
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